Thursday, August 13, 2009

Terrace before Turnover

Tonight Beth and Liz and I went to the Terrace after curb shopping for furniture. It was one of the first times since the three of us have been here that we all went out. Curb shopping meant driving around near Breese, Mifflin, Doty, and Gorham looking for furniture which would not be gross or potentially bed bug infested. Needless to say, we found none which suited our high standards.

We ended our journey by driving down Langdon figuring that coasties would have good stuff to put on the curb, but were disappointed and ended up at the Terrace. A pint of Strongbow and a smal bag of popcorn later, and we met up with Megan and some of her friends. One of them is about to go to Costa Rica, on the same trip Katie E. is taking. I'm really going to miss her (Katie E).

We decided after slightly more than an hour and a half that having been poorly nourished by the small bag of popcorn I consumed and Liz and Beth having had nothing to eat, that McDonalds would be a delicious decision. Nugs it was! It was very nice of the tallest man working there to offer Liz and I a free vanilla shake and a carmel sundae. We were grateful, and Beth was not disappointed, having herself ordered a sundae. Overall, the night was wonderful, but would have been made better by Ronnie having graced us with his presence (though driving from Milwaukee to come out for only but a short while is much more than I would expect, especially having given no previous notice).