Friday, October 9, 2009

Not Forgotten

Thought it has been a long while since anything has been written here, I must admit that I have not forgotten or purposely neglected it. Rather, I have been holding my cards tight to my chest. As graduation nears, I wonder if it is a good idea to continue to allow my blog to be public, or if I should make it private. Should you one day log on to see that you must ask permission to read it, I appologize now. There are simply too many people nowadays who abuse information (like that contained in my blog) for personal gain.

That being said, I am excited to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend with the roomies! Yesterday Allison and I went and saw a late-night showing of The Hangover. It was nice to get out and doing something. Plus, I'm always up for movie theater popcorn. :) We are going to the same farm that Katie and I have gone to for the past two years. It's too bad that she's in Costa Rica, but Liz and I are working on a little package to send her way. I'm also sending Cait (who is currently in Peru) a "pumpkinito." I have no idea what the Spanish word for pumpkin is, other than remembering that it sounded something like "cabeza." Oh well - I like pumpkinito (little pumpkin) better.

Now that the semester is in full swing, I am desperately trying to keep caught up in all of my classes. I have done well so far, but since all of my classes are essay rather than exam-based, it means I have a LOT of reading. We were already warned that although we do not have Pompeii class on Wednesday, we have to essentially read the rest of one of our two text books. Gulp.

I received a book in the mail from Lauren, who I met on the dig in Pylos, Greece. She got it from Kelli, who was also on the dig. We set up a sort of book exchange, and once I finish this book, I get to send it back to Kelli along with a book of my choosing. I love it. Now let's just see if I have the time for it!

Tonight we are having a few people over before we go out and celebrate the end of the week. I have decided to make delicious jell-o shots. Orange jell-o? Check. Malibu? Check!