Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, the end of it all

I am officially 15 sentences away from being completely and utterly finished with my undergraduate education. How ironic is it that the last paper I will ever write is about NAGPRA and Native American's rights? I successfully avoided courses on the topic since I know a lot about NAs already....but sure enough, I got tricked into this paper because of the curation course of which I am a part. So it goes.

I've given it some thought and made a list of things I would like to accomplish this summer. Being that I begin my full-time job Monday (!) I guess there is not definite beginning or end to summer for me. So I will now set an arbitrary date by which to accomplish the goals mentioned below: August 31st.

*Read at least the first three chapters in the Bible
*Finish The Count of Monte Cristo
*Curl 50 lbs