Monday, February 15, 2010

Woof! Woof!

I've decided that next year I would like to have a dog. Being that Liz and Katie will be at school and have homework, etc, in the afternoons and at night, I would like to have something that will want to snuggle me after a long day at work. Thus, a little baby dog is just what I need!

These are the desirable qualities in a potential puppy:
  • Baby-sized (or small to medium-sized)
  • Doesn't shed much
  • Gets along meow-cats
  • Light enough to be put in the bathtub
  • Will get along with Thor (Ronnie's boxer puppy) and children
  • Isn't on aggressive breeds lists
Here are some of the breeds I am considering:

American Eskimo Dog - Ranges from 9" to 19" tall. Great with other dogs and kids. Sheds more than I would like, but is a cutie dog anyway. 

West Highland Terrier - This is the Caesar dogfood dog! He is about 10 to 11" tall and weighs 14 to 22 lbs. Sheds a bit. May not get along with cats.

Samoyed - Another beautiful dog! About 21 to 23" and weighs the most yet at 45-65 lbs. This dog sheds a lot. Likes pulling things because it used to be a sled dog :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Ronnieless Valentine's Day

Today ended up being a pretty good day, even though for another year in a row Ronnie and I were separated by 90 miles. Katie and I spent our second annual February 14th together and we began the day by volunteering for a local senior citizens' dinner (at 12:30pm!) from 11-2 and then going to a showing of "Valentine's Day" sponsored by Mirabel from 3-5:30. We then went to Old Chicago for drinks and a delicious dessert (the cheesecake lollipop thing). It was a lot of fun and I always love being able to hang out with Katie.

Speaking of spending time with "my closest roommate", we spent nearly the entirety of yesterday together as well. We went to Kohl's, Dick's, and Flattop Grill where I made a delicious combination of noodles, peas, potatoes, celery, and spinach. Then, Lauren (Katie's 9 year-old sister) and I went to Chuck E. Cheese. Word to the wise: rip your tickets in half the long way and the machine will count each half as one ticket! I freakin' love Chuck's because it's an arcade with easy-to-win games. The things I did not like about this particular visit: It was crowded (well, it was a Saturday...) and we didn't get seated for 10 minutes so we had to stand there holding our tokens and cups until we were finally given a table. Then, the table behind us was piled high with food and plates to be bussed, and during the time we were there - 7:30pm to 9:30pm, it was never touched. Disgusting. Also, four of these little kids kept asking me and Lauren for our coins to use! I don't think so!! Finally, I hadn't realized that it was a hangout for pre-pubescent teens looking to drop the f-bomb every five seconds. I'm not sure that I would go back to the Chuck E. Cheese's on Grand Canyon Dr. Not that it's much better than the one in the ghetto near Milwaukee....

I should not have allowed my tv to be put in the living room. The Winter Olympics (of which I am no fan) beat out my wanting to watch either the Amazing Race or Undercover Boss. I'm sorry, but I look forward to watching certain programs and it's annoying that since my tv was moved I can't watch them now. Poor choice on my part!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Bucket List

Pet a buffalo
Go to all 50 states

Eat a hamburger
Marry the love of my life
Have two or three beautiful children
Write a book
Have a 4.0 semester  Fall 2009
Be on a gameshow
Go on a girls' weekend to New York
Own a home
Swim with dolphins
Participate in Habitat for Humanity
Go to Disneyworld Spring 2005
Go to Disneyland
Meet a US President (current or former)
Go on a vacation to somewhere foreign and warm (Cancun, Bahamas, etc) March 2011 - Costa Rica!
Learn German
Learn to play the trumpet
Learn to play the harp
Learn to play violin or cello
Own a cactus
Run a mile in under 8 minutes
Beat Super Mario 64 (Get ALL the stars!) November 2010
See Muse in concert March 2010, October 2010 :)
Catch a walleye
Try Asian food   I'm going to say that rice and stir-fry count! Summer 2010
Read the Bible
Go on a trek through the Amazon
Go on a road trip with my friends and boyfriend
Find treasure
Run Crazylegs New!
Do another triathlon New!
Curl 50 lbs New!
See Mamma Mia! live January 2011 with mom :)

More to come

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, it's that time of year again when months of extravagant planning come together to create the best Super Bowl Parties around. For me, this means I can go to the library and there will be plenty of places to sit and check out the textbook I decided not to buy (it was $225...nuff said). I also need to review my resume so that I can turn it in for class tomorrow.

I have created a twitter account. I have never really had an interest in one, but it was a requirement for Marketing 635. Apparently if you are good at sales, you will end up with over 150 followers. I have 4 so far :) My name is AnArchaeologist (which I discovered looks like anarchy(ae)ologist. No, I do not support anarchy. I haven't since I was a confused 8th grade punk rock girl. Interestingly, some of the worst names ever were already taken: Stinkybutt and A**hole were among the names that when entered into the blank, showed up as taken.

I wish I could go with Amy to Europe this summer. If only I had the time (the money is not an issue as Amy has explained that the cost includes hotel stays for every city, certain admissions, and round-trip airfare. She was told to estimate between $4000 and $5000 for the whole 30 day city-hopping adventure). Un dia voy a regresar a Grecia. Un dia con Ronnie :)

I hope that Steph is enjoying her time in Chile. I really hope she gets to visit some of the ancient sites I learned about in my Power & Religion of the Pre-Columbian Andes course. I did not realize until after the course had finished exactly how much I have been able to take away.

Well, I have decided to start a bucketlist for fun, so I will post it separately.