Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Bucket List

Pet a buffalo
Go to all 50 states

Eat a hamburger
Marry the love of my life
Have two or three beautiful children
Write a book
Have a 4.0 semester  Fall 2009
Be on a gameshow
Go on a girls' weekend to New York
Own a home
Swim with dolphins
Participate in Habitat for Humanity
Go to Disneyworld Spring 2005
Go to Disneyland
Meet a US President (current or former)
Go on a vacation to somewhere foreign and warm (Cancun, Bahamas, etc) March 2011 - Costa Rica!
Learn German
Learn to play the trumpet
Learn to play the harp
Learn to play violin or cello
Own a cactus
Run a mile in under 8 minutes
Beat Super Mario 64 (Get ALL the stars!) November 2010
See Muse in concert March 2010, October 2010 :)
Catch a walleye
Try Asian food   I'm going to say that rice and stir-fry count! Summer 2010
Read the Bible
Go on a trek through the Amazon
Go on a road trip with my friends and boyfriend
Find treasure
Run Crazylegs New!
Do another triathlon New!
Curl 50 lbs New!
See Mamma Mia! live January 2011 with mom :)

More to come

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