Friday, September 4, 2009

Quiet Time Fun

Today I am out at Muir Heights for an open house. I worked here Monday and Tuesday before classes began on Wednesday, and I am closing out the week in this sweet mini-office. For the sake of having unlimited time on my hands, I feel the urge to describe how my classes went.

Wednesday, 9:55am, Latin
-Being excited for a new round of Latin learnin' I showed up and sat down next to Ashley M, friend and apartment neighbor, and now table neighbor. I looked around and realized that I probably should have signed up for the other section since Blaise and the nice girl whose name I can't recall ended up TA Matt's section. Unlike their meager 15 person class this semester, mine is full and comprised of random people who I do not yet know, which is frustrating when it comes time for partner work since each of them already knows each other. Latin, overall, was brief and not too painful.

Wednesday, 4pm, Pompeii (Art History 505)
-Walked in to find that this class was held in a conference room. Interesting. A lot of art history majors (go figure) who probably expected to learn art were there. As Cahill announced after one girl introduced herself and her enthusiasm for learning about the art history of Pompeii and Herculaneum, "There won't be much of that here." This class is primarily about archaeology, which is why I took it. Not to mention that there are no exams :) This is a two hour course with more people than chairs. Oh boy.

Thursday, 9:55am, Latin
-Much of the same. I met with Professor Beneker at the Union prior to class which, paired with the construction behind the Education building, caused my tardiness. I ended up grabbing the last chair. I noticed that everyone sat in completely different seats than those they had sat in on Wednesday. It irked me.

Thursday, 2:30pm, Sami Class (Scandinavian Studies 443)
-This class was packed when I arrived at 2:20pm. So the first day always is, and as the semester progresses I need not worry about having to make five people stand up so I can get to the middle seat of a row, which is the only variety of seat remaining. Natalie M is in this class. She brought her laptop and made me long for mine - my ten cent Target notebook looked so....old-fashioned compared to her laptop with keyboard silencer. I'll get over it. I wonder if reindeer tastes like venison.

Thursday, 5pm, Peru Class (Anthro 310: Power and Religion in Pre-Colombian Andes)
-I had the unfortunate luck of having this class in the same room as my Sami Class. Let's just say that after an hour and fifteen minutes of sitting alone in the classroom I was chilly and anticipating the start of this class. At five minutes to five, I noticed that there were only four other students sitting in the room. Finally, by 5pm the entire class was there - all thirteen of us. The two hour lecture dragged on, and by the end only five of us remained. Again, no exams, which is excellent. I have no intention to drop this class.

Well, there it is. My first week in a nutshell. I have no class on Friday which is why I'm out here at Muir Heights replacing air fresheners, playing on facebook, bloggin', showing apartments, and cleaning toilets. Good times. Now I'll do what I have been planning to do since noon: study for the GRE! Only 16 hours away!