Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The end of college

 Today I enjoyed a free tasting at Noodles & Company, which I won for myself and up to six others. In the interest of enjoying free food, I opted to use it with for the sales meeting which we have weekly, and once a month at a restaurant. I had one dish of everything from each "region" - Asian, Mediterranean, and America. Like John said, we began our journey in America and also ended our journey there. I have nine boxes of Noodles in the fridge and some very grateful roommates :)

I also received my hard-earned leadership certificate today! It is really nice and in a red leather folder, like the one I will receive at graduation, or so I have been told. I also got a gold and red cord to wear during the graduation ceremony! I'll post pictures when I get a chance - I used an old school disposable camera. It is kind of a big deal and took a lot of work to complete, so I feel very proud of this accomplishment.

It's hard to believe that after four years of being a college student, that time in my life is coming to an end. It has been a crazy four years that will take more than just one blog post to summarize, so I'll do a little bit here and there when I get a chance.

Also, I am in the market for a westie, and am fairly confident that I will name him Charlie. I can't wait to get him :) I've contacted a few breeders in the Midwest about their pups and litters expected for August - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things to do - Summer 2010

Always adventurous, I love planning out exciting things to do that I have not yet done! Below find a list of just a few things I'd love to do this summer:

-Go to a Brewers' Game
-Visit the Jelly Belly Factory
-Go to Mt. Olympus theme park (WI Dells)
-Bike 20 miles at once
-Win a prize
-Create a piece of art
-Go on a hike through the arboretum

More will be added later, as I find time to update this list.

This is going to be the busiest week of my life, so forgive me for being hasty.