Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm here!

So it's been about 17 days since I last posted. Oops. My priorities changed once I began playing Dark Cloud again. It was only $5.99 at Gamestop in the clearance bin, making it impossible to pass up. I've gotten through a bunch of it already, and my current goal within the game is leveling up my weapon...which is taking forever. What a boring process to talk about - I'll stop.

There is something I must sound off about that is driving me crazy. I can't stand one of the Today Show hosts. Who, you might ask? Well, who is the only one that is annoying and often inappropriate? Kathie Lee Gifford, of course. I'm so sick of her making fun of whoever comes on. Sometimes people watch the Today Show because it is chock full of news and interesting segments. Nobody wants to see a host who can't stop asking inappropriate questions to guests so much that information isn't even given in a segment. See this youtube video showing Kathie Lee talking to moms who blog. Right around six minutes in, Kathie admits her fear of computers and Hoda gives the crew a look that's priceless. She justs makes herself look stupid. On a typical day her voice is hard to stand and her words make her look like an airhead - here's a video of her getting completely off topic and being typical Kathie Lee. She kind of reminds me of Kathy Griffin, an equally annoying woman. I really can't stand her either. I dislike her comedy and her voice, in particular. I'd like to move on now since I really can't stand either woman.

Here are some random things I've become interested in, in case anyone was curious:
  • Dark Cloud (PS2)
  • Paint colors
  • Furniture for my apartment
  • Planning a cute outing for my parents and I
  • Making homemade fries
  • Rexlace (see picture)
  • Archaeological Field Schools
Football Tickets: So, I still have no idea if I got football tickets or not. I have to call the athletic dept. before I go to work. I'm worried because I didn't get an email either way. To be honest, I'll probably end up selling a bunch of them if I get tickets. But I'd still like to have them. We'll see...

An amazing secret: So, working at Parks and Rec, I found out from Karie that a guy at work bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend. What does this mean for me? Not too much, except that his girlfriend (soon-to-be-fiancee) is from the group I hung out with in high school. I'd put their names up here but I'm not that cruel. I don't know much about him lately, but she transferred to school here recently. I know she'll say yes, but I'm wondering if I'll be invited to the wedding given that I haven't communicated with her at all since high school. I'm also wondering if Katie will be invited since they had a falling out. Who knows?

My mom did something really cute yesterday. I asked her to grab me something to eat before she picked me up from Tot Lot to take me to Deerfield. So what did she do? She showed up with a mug full of cold Pepsi and a shoebox.
Inside the box were chicken nuggets, fries, a salt shaker, and napkins! She said, "I didn't have money for fast food or anything so I made you a box lunch!" How cute is that?? I love her :) She's wonderful.

Well that's all for now. I DO have to work at 11:30...

P.S. I watched a special on Tourettes and there's no need to fear: my infrequent meows are not characteristic of Tourettes in any way :) You guys are silly.

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