Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drama on the playground

Today was probably one of the best days ever work-wise. Aly and I got to go to the Country Springs Hotel's indoor waterpark along with Bridgette. Needless to say, not everyone was happy that Aly and I got to go. I'm really sick of hearing about all of the things I do "wrong" and about how I was "extremely anxious to see the roster" for the field trip which would say which of us were going. Of course I was anxious to know! Who wasn't? Regardless, I'm excited for my days at Deerfield to be over. There is just too much drama and talking behind each others' back. I hope that next year will be less stressful. In hindsight though, it seems that everyone's feelings about parks and rec are more exaggerated since the trip to the hotel was this week.

I'm getting really antsy to finish Dark Cloud. I'm so close to being done with it (minus the Demon Shaft which is a bonus dungeon) and I've finally gotten my weapon leveled up. Speaking of dungeons, Ronnie and I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons as a pair recently. It's quite fun actually and there's a lot more to do and more leveling up, given that there are only two of us getting all of the XP.

On the topic of nerdy stuff, I've gotten back into the sci-fi genre recently. My family and I have been renting the series Taken from Netflix and it is a pretty good mini-series. Right now we're watching the Outer Limits and although it's ridiculous, it's still not that bad for sci-fi. I'm really anxious to see if those old Tales from the Crypt episodes are any good. As a kid they scared me, but not that I'm older they may be lame.

Well, that's it for tonight. Only three more days of work and thus three more days until Ronnie's 21st birthday! I think I'll give him a call.

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