Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Madison is my hot hot sex

Recently, things have been amazing! Since I'm helping out a MHR class at 11:30, I'm going to summarize why I've been so pleased:

  • I feel like everyone at work is really starting to get how we do things. Leases seem to be running smoothly now, and my team is on top for the second week in a row!
  • I am making bank with all of the leases I've gotten, despite showing a ton of properties on the east side :)
  • Liz and I cleaned the common spaces (living room, kitchen, dining area) and it is a much more pleasant place to be.
  • Someone put new batteries in the remote. Yay!
  • I went to Wal-Mart with Liz and bought two movies for $5 each - Big Daddy and Along Came Polly, as well as a new package of socks, brake fluid, and plastic for the windows. mmmm....new socks....
  • I nearly completed a crossword during class yesterday. The Herald features stumpers sometimes, and I rocked this one in the face.
  • I put the plastic on my windows - energy savings here I come!
  • I am making mashed potatoes for lunch
  • I added brake fluid to my car all by myself in the dark!
  • Beth's birthday is coming up
  • I have no more exams until finals! And one of my finals is a take-home final!
And best of all....
  • When I decided to watch Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl, I noticed that this DVD, which I purchased at the DVD/Media Exchange store on State Street, had two discs: presumably a movie disc and a special features disc. I proceeded to place the disc which looked more like the actual movie into my PS2, though both had "Disc 1" printed on them. What happened? Well, it seems that my movie came with both the first AND second Pirates of the Carribean movies! Someone probably exchanged it and forgot to put the special features disc back in! Two movies in one case for $5 - amazing.

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