Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My last day being 21 years old

Today has been filled with ups and downs. Most of the downs are related to the awful weather which is set to outdo even last year's blizzard on my birthday.

9:30: Got ready and left for class. Of course, I made it to Latin only to find out that I couldn't find the translation I had written out for homework :(
11:30: Began work. There were a ton of postings, so it went by quickly. Rather than eating a junk food snack, I made a point to bring a healthy snack which is good!
2:00: Caught the 85 to class. It wasn't my favorite driver, but he was nice nonetheless. Also, overheard a girl complaining that her professor was making her exam a take-home essay due Dec 21st. She was saying that she was going to refuse to take it because it wasn't multiple choice. Ridiculous!
2:30: Went to Sami class. We finally did course evaluations, and the professor asked all of the seniors graduating in December to stand up and be recognized. What a nice guy; I'm going to miss this class! We watched a movie that we will finish Thursday. Yes!!!
3:40: Got our papers back...I got an AB! Not bad for a paper I hated writing.
4:45: Met up with Trent and saw 2012. We were about the only people crazy enough to be on the road. Apparently at Star Cinema you get free refills on any-sized popcorn! What a deal! lol I love things like this!
8:00: Went to Macy's and bought new snow boots and a cute sweater dress to wear out for my birthday. Unsurprisingly, I was the only person shopping at Macy's. Apparently they don't close until midnight, which is unfortunate for all of the employees since the weather is so awful.
9:00: Made it home, realized that the woman gave me the wrong pair of boots. Guess I have to go back tomorrow :(
10:00: Ticketed cars in the underground garage. Came back to find people throwing snowballs in the courtyard - most of which have been hitting the windows since. Kind of annoying :/

Let me say it now...If this year's birthday is a repeat of last year's....I will be really hurt. I only asked some of my closest friends to come to dinner (not even drinks), but it looks like since school was canceled tomorrow (for the first time that I can remember), this birthday may have similar results. I pray that at least my roommates can come. What a yucky day for a birthday...again.

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