Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Silly Family

I'm not sure if elsewhere in this blog I have taken the time to mention how hilarious my family can be. If I haven't yet, surely my family's idea of how the holidays should be celebrated will.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, is typically filled with tradition: wake up early and open one present each, stay in for most of the day and be lazy, and have a nice dinner at home. This year, however, my parents have decided that we should go out for a nice dinner. Plus, I don't think my mom wants to cook since everyone here is picky. Knowing that my dad is a "meat n' potatoes" kind of guy, and that my mom secretly always wants the family to go out for Mexican food, I had a good feeling that like always, despite individual tastes, we would head over to our normal fish fry Friday place in Racine, Chart Room Charlie's, or that we would order in pizza, etc. from DeRango's. However, I was mistaken. I could just about imagine the chicken tenders and the large serving of fries which accompany them at Charlie's when my dad said, "Why don't we go to the Golden Corral?" I looked at my mom, sure that she would laugh with me, since the "Corral" is not formal at all, and seems ridiculous replacement for an at-home meal with its buffet-style dining. Instead, she agreed wholeheartedly that it would be perfect. In no way do I mean to make fun of my family, but seriously, it is outright silly to think that the Golden Corral beat out The Olive Garden, DeRango's, DiCarlo's, Outback, and every other restaurant that Milwaukee County has to offer. Gosh I love my parents for being okay with dining at 1pm because, due to the holiday, the Corral closes at 4pm and we need to make sure we are all packed full of various types of meat and potato products before we even think about leaving.

Additionally, less weird, but still funny is the Christmas tradition of going to see a movie as a family (probably the one event everyone is here for each year). This year, though, instead of doing a fancy dinner as usual, we will be full from popcorn and other snacks at the theater, and will come home to consume an ice cream cake. Haha I fit in well with this family: popcorn = delicious, ice cream cake = omg super delicious.

Additionally, let it be known that I got an "A" in Latin! Only three more grades to receive...and my professor for my Peru Class told me that my paper was well-written (this was the 20-pager from hell...). Woo-Hoo!!

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