Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Riders List

For those who have had the privilege of riding in my *new* car (and by new, of course, I mean new to me), I write this list for posterity. If you've been reading this, you know by now that I love lists and you're probably laughing at my lame excuse for creating yet another.


First people to ride in my car (as of 3/6/11) - you'll see that a lot of the Mirabel staff were among the lucky list-makers:

1. Lisa (my great friend and the Mirabel operations manager)
2. Tim Anderson (our lawn guy)
3. Steph
4. Bob (the maintenance guy)
5. Katie E.
6. Stephen H. (maintenance guy)
7. Lauren
8. Mom
9. Ronnie
10. Dad
11-14. Erica, Erika, Dianah, and Sarah

Prior to gas prices rising to $3.50/gallon this past week, I was all about driving people around in my new car. However, chances are, if you're not on this list yet you'll have to hold out for a ride since I'm becoming less inclined to burn up gas driving around without purpose! :)

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