Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have finally done it! I adopted a doggie! His name is Popcorn and he is a Pomeranian. But, before you start picturing a small little pup, STOP! He is bigger than a standard pom (enough that he won't fit in the Pomeranian-sized crate I bought for him) and he probably weighs about 12 lbs (instead of about 5-7 lbs). He is a blond color with an adorable face and he his top five favorite things are: snuggling, car rides, peeing, playing by swatting back and forth, and peeing some more. He has horrible breath, but how could you not love his sweet face? Poppycorny is about 8 years old the shelter believes, so he is able to make it through the night without any accidents and he is content being locked in his crate while I'm at work - accident-free as well. He is just such a sweet boy!

Pictures to follow once I am in town!

His birthday will be June 9th (my half birthday) so I will plan him a big to-do. By that time I'll be living in my new apartment and I can have all of my friends stay over :)

Speaking of friends, I feel like now more than ever I value my good friends. I know that sounds bad, but I guess I mean that I have always appreciated my friends, but only recently I have started to realize how MUCH I really rely on them and how much better my life is because of them. I started reconnecting with the friends from high school with whom I've lost touch, and started spending more time with my closer friends here in town. I've really gotten close to Steph again, and I'm grateful to have such a great friend! Lisa is another good friend of mine, and it's crazy to think that we met only a year ago! Lisa and her daughter, Lauren, will be accompanying my mom and I to Costa Rica - we leave tomorrow!!!!

Costa Rica will be its own post, I'm sure :)

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