Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Car & Goin' Home

I'd like to pretend like I'm not being lazy, however, it is Sunday night and as all of my friends know, that is one of my two TV nights. I'm relaxing after being at home in Oak Creek, so the portion about my new car is from an email I wrote to some of my girlfriends:

As some of you may already know, I just bought a new car!! About two weeks ago my car, as the Oregon Trail might say, "took a turn for the worse." I sat there analyzing the pros and cons of my Malibu and in the end, there were only two pros: daytime running lights and power mirrors. Nothing else really worked anymore and the breaks sounded awful - even when I wasn't breaking; so I decided it was time to trade 'er in. I did some research and found that a dealer in Janesville had a great selection of used Toyotas at really good prices so I drove down a week ago last Friday and bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE! It is a beautiful blue and I got a sweet deal on it! I am a little shark and got them to bring it down from $16,999 to $12,900, and of course, they did give me a whopping $500 for that piece of junk Malibu, so I guess it was actually $12400 (after taxes, fees, etc.). I've been trying to get a nice picture of her, but it's been really yucky out. I finally took a picture for you to enjoy!

As I mentioned earlier, I just got back from a weekend home in Oak Creek. It was one of the best I've had yet since I got to see Ronnie, get together with family, and meet up with friends who I haven't seen in a (long) while. Friday was a quiet day after work, but I did drive to Chick-Fil-A with my mom and we enjoyed some waffle fries. I should mention that the only Chick-Fil-A I know of in the state of Wisconsin is in Racine, so you could say that I drove two hours for their food. It was worth it and I'd do it again! :)

Left to Right: Maryellen, Emma, Auntie Virginia, Holly, and Me
Now, on Saturday I drove my parents in my new whip (that's the gangsta term for a nice car, I've heard) to my cousin's house. It was her husband's birthday and we were there from 1pm until about 5pm! I got to see relatives who I have not had a chance to see for a while and it was great catching up. Afterward, I met up with Dianah, Erica, Erika, and Sarah at Erica's place. It was wonderful! I showed up to a delicious meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, salad, and cupcakes - it was like they knew my list of top ten favorite foods!! We ate and went to City Lounge in Cudahy, where my aforementioned cousin Holly and her husband, Brian, met us. I had a blast even though I was exhausted from enjoying all of the good food, family, and friends all day. This was the first time I'd seen these girls since last year, so it was soooo nice seeing them. I'm hoping that we stay close and do a better job of keeping in touch. Dianah mentioned potentially moving to Madison once her beau returns from serving overseas - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited!!

Lil Jon on The Apprentice is hilarious, by the way. Sunday night television has gotten really good and tonight I had to forgo watching The Amazing Race so I could watch some new show about the next fast food restaurant. It is a difficult life I lead.... :)

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