Sunday, November 20, 2011

Extreme I come!

Today I went to Old Navy and shocked both myself and the cashier when I rang up. I had some coupons with me and there was a 75% off sweater sale, so I knew I'd be getting a good deal, but never did I think it'd be THAT good!

I bought $209.52 worth of sweaters, fleece, and going-out shirts, and spent $19.19 total! I had two $30 Supercash certificates which meant that for every $60 I spent, I would save $30, so between two transactions I expected to pay about $60 total. For some reason, the Supercash rang up before any discounts were applied but then went into effect AFTER the 75% discount was applied to the sweaters, so for my first transaction of $66.82 I paid NOTHING! The second transaction of $123.51 cost me the whopping $19.19. I am SO excited to be saving money - and today alone I saved almost 91%!

I told Ronnie that I know I've been shopping more than I have in the past, but it's hard to pass up stocking your wardrobe for under $20, which is cheaper than shopping at the Goodwill!!

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