Sunday, February 26, 2012

Candy Realization

You know those "a-ha" moments that change your thinking about something? An epiphany, if you will. Well I had me one of those today: I was watching tv this morning and saw an ad for Cadbury's Easter candy (see below) and my mouth started watering for delicious Easter candy (hollow chocolate bunnies in particular).

I got to thinking about how long it would be before some of that chocolately goodness would be mine (I am a post-holiday bargain shopper) and I realized that I'm still working on my VALENTINE'S DAY candy! Before that, I ended up tossing a bunch of Christmas candy that went bad. Are St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving the only holidays where we aren't encouraged to gorge ourselves on sugary delights? I mean, think about it:

February: Valentine's Day (chocolates, primarily)
March/April: Easter (all candy)
March/April: Spring Break (eye candy) 
July: 4th of July (parade candy)
October: Halloween (all candy)
December: (all candy)

St. Patrick's Day: No candy emphasized
Thanksgiving: No candy emphasized

I know it probably doesn't seem like a bit deal, but I think it does reflect our society's belief in providing young and old alike with excuses to indulge throughout the year. Just kind of interesting to think about. 

Am I missing any holidays? These are the ones that come to mind right away and make me think that maybe I should leave the chocolate bunny on its lonesome shelf come this year's post-Easter sale.

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