Sunday, June 29, 2008

Archaeology and Caitlyn's upcoming visit

Today I checked my email to find that I have yet again been denied admittance into the School of Business. But that's okay. I've decided that archaeology is the life for me. In fact, I even spent time downloading the Indiana Jones font (SF Fedora) in order to make this picture of me in the future. My boobs look hot since I didn't take the time to make the body that of a woman's. Whatever - I tried to keep the image as original as possible. I am quite serious about doing archaeology and earning a Master's and perhaps a PhD. It's really nice having a plan. There's something romantic about becoming an archaeologist and working in the field and doing research.

Today I spent the entire day cleaning the house so that when Caitlyn and possibly Alex come the house won't look so bad. It's been just me, Dad, and Steven, so it seems that it has been left up to me to clean. I did the dishes for an hour today. An hour. That's kind of ridiculous. At least my dad helped pick up some stuff and vacuum. Tomorrow will be spent in a similar fashion but it's all worth it - I really miss Cait! I have to plan some fun stuff to do. I know for sure we're going to Summerfest on July 3rd - but I still have to work on the 2nd. She'll be here Tuesday so that night or Wednesday night we can cook out with Ronnie and his friends. I'm not too concerned about planning stuff since just seeing each other will be fun. We'll definitely go to Georgie Porgies though, since I didn't get to take anyone there last time. I really can't wait for them to come!!

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