Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tomorrow is our five year anniversary!

I just had to get that out. I'm excited, even though I have nothing planned and neither does Ronnie. We'll see if we do anything exciting, and if number 27 on my summer list gets crossed

Tonight I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance with my parents right now. I mean, could we at least watch Deal or No Deal? I do so love game shows....anyway, I finally gave Ronnie a break from me. I haven't been home for about three days because it's such a hassle to take my mom to work every morning at 7 am and pick her up again at 2:30 pm. So I let my mom take the car and just sleep over at Ronnie's. Today I picked up bagels for us from Einstein's and they were delicious! I love spending every day with him, but I feel bad being with him all the time sometimes. So I'm having an at-home night with my mom and dad. It's not so bad.

Well, there is one bad thing. The stovetop caught on fire this morning and so the whole oven is out of commission. Apparently my mom put a sugar container on the burner and had cooked nothing since yesterday when the thing just combusted. A small fire, my dad ran in and put it out as my mom came upstairs from doing the laundry. Someone from Whirlpool is coming out on Saturday, but until then, I guess we can't use it.

Ronnie, Monica, and I went to Puppy World yesterday and saw baby puppies! Earlier, Ronnie, his mom, and I saw a boxer for $1100 - which seemed like a lot of money (not that the price was unreasonable). The baby bulldog we saw was $3200. To me, that's unreasonable. There are lots of breeders online selling similar puppies (without shots, however) for a lot less. I really hope that Ronnie gets a puppy for his own. It would be nice.

Speaking of Ronnie, he pinched his finger in the door yesterday so bad that it has yet to stop bleeding and his nail is blue. I feel so bad for him. I was originally thinking about reserving a hotel room downtown or somewhere fancy for a night where we could go to dinner and enjoy a romantic night together. But that's kind of out of the question now since he's hurt. I just hope we end up doing something romantic - even if it's just going out to dinner together. The whole point of celebrating our anniversary is to reflect on all the time we've been together and to look forward to the future.

Well, now that we're watching a movie, I should wrap it up. Plus Widget has to tinkle - big surprise!

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