Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brewers Game!

I started working at Parks and Rec on Monday and I've already got a nice tan. Of course, it will become a horrible farmer's tan, but a tan's a tan. I'm over at Deerfield which is perfect since I live only two blocks away! Finally, something worthwhile is nearby! Anyway, there's a field trip to the Brewers game today (they're playing the Blue Jays) and I get to go. Of course, that means that later on I'll miss out on a field trip, but that's okay. We're getting another 50-some kids today, which will put us at approximately 117, with six staffers. It kind of stinks without Aly there since she's such a big help.

Today I checked my bank account and they dropped my interest rate from 2.23% to 1.99%. Nice. They did it because I'm supposed to keep $1000 in my account at all times, and I spent enough to put my account at $989.73. So, I was assessed a $40 fee and then another $7.50 fee and had my mom not put my account back up to $1000, I would be charged even more. The worst part is that I haven't spent money in forever. I've been doing a great job saving. But not good enough I guess. So it goes.

On Saturday my mom leaves for about three weeks to visit my aunt in California. Normally I would think that would be an okay thing, but I hate being left home alone with Steven. It was the last time she left that he headbutted me and we nearly killed each other. Today he's sick and can't seem to utter much more than the f-word and unintelligible strings of syllables. Anyway, I might go visit Katie on Saturday. I miss her a lot!! On Sunday Nick and Nicole are having people over at their house in Marshall, so Ronnie and I are going to visit and bring two watermelons. I haven't been there yet, so I'm excited to see their place and see Aiden!

We FINALLY got a new TV! Ours broke so long ago that I think Ronnie and I had only been dating a year or two when it died. Since then, we've been using a small t.v. on a plant stand as our main source of television viewing. My parents bought one that's digital or whatever, so they gave me their t.v. converter box for my t.v. next year. P.S. I'm super-excited to move in with those wonderful ladies! And thank God I don't have to share a room. I can't express enough how happy that makes me!!!!!

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