Friday, August 29, 2008

Bugs and other creepers

So, in case you have not heard, it seems that The Cottage is infested with baby spiders and bed bugs. What does this mean? It means that Beth and I are both covered in bug bites from head to toe, literally. Being a holiday weekend (labor day is Monday), we have no choice but to endure the biting for another couple days. The two of us have been sleeping on the couch since our beds have caused us nothing but trouble, it seems. This certainly won't help the infestation, but it has been making things less stressful.

Speaking of creepy things, I don't know why but the guy from Terminix is a real creeper. I asked Derek to have a different guy come on Tuesday, and he said that wouldn't be a problem at all. The fact that the bug guy asked Jenny out probably doesn't help his case. Today I got asked out by the neighbor above me. I told him that Ronnie and I are together, so that should end that. I hate lying, but I'm really not interested in anyone and am not ready to even consider seeing other people. I hav a nagging suspicion that Ronnie doesn't want to be with me, especially after he said that I shouldn't keep liking someone that doesn't like me back. Ouch. Things like that make getting over this whole thing a lot easier. And by getting over, I mean moving on from the heartbreak.

I think I'm going to go shopping. I'm the only one home and I'm pretty lonely. I think I want to go dancing tonight!

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