Monday, September 22, 2008

All work and no play...

...accurately describes my weekend. All I did was study. I really mean it. I read five chapters in Biological Anthropology and caught up in my Troy class. I did go to Liz's soccer game which was oddly reminiscent of my younger high school days. I remember sitting on the soccer bench with Ronnie and not getting yelled at. I love those memories.

I decided to finally clean my room. It's about 87% clean.

I linked my blog to facebook and decided to take it off - my blog isn't private, but I don't want random acquaintances able to read it via facebook. Creepy.

Speaking of facebook, the new facebook design is lame. I'm not angry enough to join a group and sign a petition. After months of development, the "new" facebook isn't going anywhere, and I'm sure the developers are proud of their work. Humans are just resistant to change, and admitedly the older design was much more user friendly. And Firefox 3.0...I have similar feelings toward this update as well. I really don't like it and I'm still figuring out how to get things to download since FF links with Windows and your personal security features. While I'm ranting about updates, I also hate the new iTunes update. Why does it keep syncing my songs onto my ipod, even though they're old? I've synced it twice tonight and both times it took like ten minutes. Lame. All I wanted to do was add one new song to my ipod since my laptop's sound is currently not functioning.

I'm so confused. Recently I've received a lot of attention from guys and it's killing me. Sure, I like the attention, but I really don't want to date anyone else right now. I guess that after feeling bad about myself for putting on weight since college, it's nice to know that people find me attractive. So it goes.

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