Sunday, September 14, 2008

No angles!

So Cait seemed quite distraught over the setup of our living room, so she brainstormed a ton of layouts (okay, like three) and Beth and I vetoed the ones with angled furniture since we've been there, done that, and it has not been so hot. But she did it - she came up with a gorgeous layout and we switched to it today. I'm bored enough that I'm actually going to pause and draw a picture for you to see exactly how wonderful the new setup is. Brb.

Okay, that took about 40 minutes since I had to use Paint. Here it is:

Moving on, I just discovered that Starbucks carries oatmeal now. Interesting.

I'm hungry but I'm all out of nugs. And mashed potatoes? None really compare to the frozen Ore Ida Steam and Mash Potatoes which I am out of, so cannot eat. After finishing this post and reviewing it, I noticed that I kind of left the resolution out of this predicament. I have decided to eat two cheese and pretzel dippers and see how it goes. Then I'll move on to trail mix. mmm trail mix.

Today I volunteered at the WPTV pledge drive. Fortunately, Wisconsin Public Television is housed right on campus at Vilas Hall. It was a really enjoyable four hour shift: they provide you with snacks and juice and soda (!) and magazines so that it goes by pretty fast. We weren't live, so at six designated times we had to go to the phones because that was when WPTV interrupted their normal programs to advertise the pledge drive and advertise the gifts that are available. Kelly ended up winning a WPTV waterbottle, but she knew how much I wanted it and gave it to me. It was really nice of her, and it worked out well since my current Nalgenes don't fit in the waterbottle holder on my bike and regular water bottles are too tiny. I really like PBS. I wish more people gave it a chance. NOVA Science Now is sweet. Check it out.

I don't know about APO this semester - I'm already finding myself with a lot on my plate. It was mentioned at the officer's meeting we had this evening that we should have an APO sleepover. Sounds fun, right? Could be - but my apartment was mentioned as a potential host. Wouldn't that be fun - a bunch of APO going home with bed bug bites? lol how terrible! oh well, so it goes.

My bonsai tree is growing nicely. My banana plant is too! It's actually a Croton "superstar" but it reminds me of bananas. The center of the leaf outgrows the actual leaf resulting in little yellow string-things sticking out from the leaves. I love it! Right now mine plants are stalky but that's okay since they are supposed to end up fuller. Having something to take care of is really nice :)

My blog has had 613 views since its inception. Crazy. Where is everybody?? I truly thought that it was basically me and a few close friends reading this - I mean a very few. Creepy...but cool.

Well, I should probably get around to my homework. Amo rosas.

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