Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our tv needs an antenna to work :(

Nothing too new going on. I'm going to UHS tomorrow at 8:50 am to get another prescription of predisone. Fun stuff. It'll help the itchies.

Today I went to Elyse's and had a wonderful dinner! We had pineapple, mashed potatoes, and nugs. Could it have been better? I think not; we even managed to do Latin homework together!

There are so many parties this weekend that I find myself overwhelmed. I'm definitely going to the APO rush party, but I might (and want) to head over to KHK's CEOs and Administrative Assistants party. Ridic.

Sometimes it makes me sad that our building doesn't recycle. I don't know how it isn't illegal.

I ate at Sbarro today inside of Lucky. I don't know how to feel about it yet. I'm very loyal to JSM and almost feel like I'm betraying them by eating at a property that rents from Steve Brown Apts. On the other hand, I don't know of any Steve Brown employees that avoid Toppers because they rent from JSM. But being inside Lucky still feels wrong. But paying $600/month to SHARE a room is wrong.

I friended one of my TAs today. I had her freshman year and she was my first classics TA ever. I hope she agrees to be my friend!

I'm tired of bed bugs. I'm tired of their bites and thinking that everyone and their uncle has them. I have friends of friends who think they got them from us. I'm kind of tired of it :/

Today is Trent's 21st birthday. I wonder what he got! lol that was naughty.

We have to buy an antenna for each of our tvs it seems. For now, the one in the living room has bunny ears and it works, but mine doesn't work. Habeo lacrimas!

That's it. Maybe Ronnie will call me. Maybe.

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