Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School so far...

I'm really glad that school finally started....I think I'd be bored out of my mind if it hadn't finally begun. Well, the first week of classes is over and this begins the second fun-filled week. I decided not to make any future semesters difficult, and aim for the Dean's List. I'm only taking 13 credits and most of my classes are into-level. Here's my schedule (including work):
My favorite class so far is Latin. Having had Greek, it's a breeze. It's easier than Greek because it uses the same grammar as Greek, but the vocabulary is stippled with cognates and words that are identical to Spanish words (eg. casa - house). I know it'll get harder, but for now, it's rather enjoyable and by far my favorite class to do homework for.

I'm quite surprised that my Classics 430 class hasn't been as interesting as I had hoped. It's all about the archaeology of Troy, and it's taught by Professor Aylward who visits the site regularly, yet it's just not what I had imagined. Long readings about Schliemann and Kara Tepe have made it hard to remain interested. I feel like I have to take it, however, since it counts as an upper-level course toward my Classical Humanities degree AND Archaeology Certificate.

Archaeology has been fun. The last lecture was kind of dry since it was simply about "science vs pseudoscience," but the topic of archaeology really interests me, so it's easy to stay interested.

The guys in the apartment above me are playing Halo. I can hear the music from the startup screen.

Finally, Biological Anthropology. All I can say is that the professor is dynamic, and we haven't learned a shred of biology yet. I'm not particularly excited about this class but I need it for my Anthropology major.

On a completely different note, I signed up to help with the PBS phone bank on Sunday from 8:30am - 12:30pm. Basically, it's just taking credit card information from elderly people. It won't be bad, and secretly, I am a huge fan of public television. But don't tell.

Speaking of local channels, I think I have to go buy an antenna for my tv. Apparently plugging the cable from the tv into the wall is not sufficient enough to make the channels accessible. Whatev. At least we're not paying for cable. Since I'm paying more rent this year than last, the last thing I would have wanted would have been paying 1/4 of a $120 cable bill. Ridic.
That's about it for now. I've been doing an excellent job of keeping myself busy.

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