Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary, Blog!

Sometime around now marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Yay! To celebrate, here is a random grouping of stories:

*Today I was awarded an $800 scholarship by the UW Classics Department! It is the Gertrude E. Slaughter Scholarship, and it will be formally awarded on May 7th at the End of Year Reception held at the University Club. I'm extremely excited!

*I ate a Milky Way for the first time ever today and hated it.

*I often think about the awful headlines given to stories in the Badger Herald and feel superior
(examples today: "Over 18,000 brave storms for Crazylegs" which lacks a subject, and "OK Go rock in finale of All -Campus Party" which makes the band seem plural).

*I had an amazing weekend, which I will elaborate on later this week when I do not feel rushed

*I really want Hilary to win president of APO tonight. She deserves it!!

*Tonight is Caroline's birthday so I'm meeting her at the Nitty! :)

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