Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stuff I just couldn't leave out

I just realized that the every-handsome Justin Berfield is younger than Frankie Muniz. For those who were not obsessed like I was, the former played Reese on Malcolm in the Middle, and the latter played Malcolm. There's a two year age difference between them. Crazy!

I want to meet The Ataris some day. When I was in high school, I went to Down on Haley, which used to be their official store. I bought some guitar picks while there, but even cooler than that was getting one of their actual drumsticks for myself and for Katie K. According to IMDB, "The Ataris used to run a record store in Santa Barbara called 'Down on Haley'." Notice the past tense? I'm guessing it doesn't exist anymore.

Finally, I just have to point out how ugly leggings paired with a short shirt can be. I thought it was a faux pas last year, but apparently it's ok now. I'm tired of seeing the outline of vags all day. This article explains it all perfectly. I'll put up some pictures if I can find any, though I personally wouldn't want to be caught wearing leggings as pants...

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