Wednesday, April 29, 2009


American Apparel is now offering a dress that you can customize to look six different ways, using different colored straps (sold separately).

I thought that sounded interesting since since of the pictures of the dress looked like pieces of fabric were missing, but the dress was able to be switched into different "looks." I guess this is how is works:

1) Pay $38 for the "Le Sac" Dress - the name gives it away
2) Like the photos on the left and right, take a marker and decide where you want it to end. Then, using a scissors cut the dress.
3) After you've done that, wear it and hope that it doesn't look like you bought the fabric at JoAnn's and spent five minutes cutting and sewing it at will.
4) Buy it in different colors, at $38 each. And then buy a three pack of straps for $24.

Here is the website:

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