Sunday, April 5, 2009

Top 25 Gaming Hunks

I thought I would share this with you all since it is perhaps the worst list I've ever seen. Some of the more ridiculous characters include:

#13 - Kratos from God of War
Sexy? Probably not.

#11 - Brett Favre
Um...isn't he IRL?

#2 - Zac Efron??
He's not even in a game!

So who was lucky number one? Captain Jack Sparrow, which is apparently in a Pirates of the Carribean game. Quite a disappointing list. I mean, if we're going to pull from images of characters that aren't in games, where was Yami Yugi? I was glad to see that Squall made the list. That was about the only thing I was happy to see when reviewing this list. They even put Link on there, comparing him to Legolas since "women love elves." And the Master Chief...I've never seen him out of his armor - how can he even be on the list?!

I would say that you shouldn't spend your time reading this list, but it is so ridiculous that you have to! Now!

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