Monday, February 16, 2009

$500 Facebook Gift

Just wondering if anyone else happened to espy the gifts facebook has decided to offer as of recent. Here is a screenshot of the elusive "Rare Rose" gift, available in a "limited" quantity (15,000) until Friday, and an explanation of the gift system by Facebook. I also highlighted the gift before it, a $50 "Gold Rose" gift.

For $500, or even $50, I'd better have some tangible gift or else something I will be able to appreciate. $500 would buy a nice necklace, a ton of chocolates. Nobody wants a crumby facebook gift that might even go unnoticed (recently I turned off my email notification for gifts).


  1. I am SO GLAD someone else has noticed this ridiculousness. I want an explanation!!! WHAT IS FACEBOOK THINKING!?!?!

  2. oh good i'm not the only one who saw this. it's obscene. you'd think cnn or someone would have picked up on it.