Sunday, February 1, 2009

I can haz woot?

Liz has gotten me addicted to Woot! It's amazing. I am compulsively checking every day to see what their new product is. I even entered a woot contest to win $100/$50/$20. All you have to do to enter one of their contests is photoshop pictures according to their guidelines. The one I entered involved photoshopping a past or the current U.S. President with a product he would enjoy that was offered on Woot. Below is my entry, though the hand on the steering wheel is somewhat messed up. I chose Eisenhower since almost all of the other posts featured Barack, Bush, or Clinton.

Eisenhower questioned continuing to create the interstate system when his wife volunteered to be the voice of the Garmin StreetPilot c510.

Here are the source images: Eisenhower, car, gps


  1. If you want to be REALLLLY cool you can join twitter and follow

    Best way to get your woot updates ultra fast. Have you participated in a woot off yet? =-o


  2. eh idk about twitter...i've thought about it lol i do have them on a feed, however! no woot-offs just yet :(