Sunday, February 8, 2009

If you don't have it, you're on the other side

Not ready for the "Digital Transition" from analog tv to digital? Neither am I. Or, I should say that Madison stations must not be. We, not having cable, went ahead and used our coupons to purchase our converter boxes and I went out and bought a digital/analog antenna so that our tv can better receive the digital signal. Several stations have decided that despite the June 12th movement of the required date to switch to digital, they will still be converting on February 17th. Honestly, the signal is so bad here, at night I hardly get any channels at all. This morning only three channels came in. I'm really hoping that when it comes time to switch, that we will eventually get all of the regular channels that we used to get (before we got converter boxes, et al).

Today after Ronnie left I decided that I would make the most out of this quiet afternoon alone. Cait is at Point, Beth work, and Liz home. I can hear that the guys upstairs are playing Halo again. I put "50 First Dates" in the PS2 and unfortunately, the movie froze halfway through. I tried to clean it off and replay it, but it looks like it's irreparable. So that means that sometime this week I need to go back to the $5.99 DVD store and return this movie. I hope that they have another copy, but who knows? Since I wanted to watch something light-hearted, I'm now enjoying Brother Bear.

I'm really happy for Liz that she's going to Costa Rica and is going to have a ton of fun! She left the apartment today for the last time before she leaves, and I completely forgot that we were going to go to Wendy's to celebrate a premature Valentine's Day. I hope that we do get to see each other when she gets back since I'll be leaving right around the same time she returns! Here's a link to her Costa Rica blog:

Well, I've spent enough time trying to get songs added to itunes and writing - time for homework!


  1. Well see the thing with digital TV is that instead of having scratchy and fuzzy signals, its going to be more of an all (1) or nothing (0) thing. So you might grow to miss the fuzz every once and a while when you find that none of the digital channels come in haha.

    But yeah its definitely a good idea you went out and got your box. In my opinion they should have just went through with the stupid February date. When the switch is flipped to digital, people are going to know whats wrong, and their going to go get it fixed right away. I've been hearing about this digital conversion for like 2 years now haha.

    Ryan T.

  2. That's what I'm frustrated with: the all or nothing signal.