Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shout-Out to being Shouted-Out

SO to the bunnies, reindeer and now elephants from JSM that have Bren giving out free food for the past few months. You have officially saved me from starvation. I hope your apartments stay empty so that you continue to feed me.

SO to upon seeing pink elephants on multiple street corners contemplating the probability of having accidentally dropped acid...

SO to the person giant bunny on the corner of university and charter. how could i refuse you when you forced your bag of goodies into my hands?

And finally, this one might be about me and my unhealthy love of popcorn...

ASO to my roommate who uses a popcorn maker that is louder than the tv and vacuum cleaner combined! SO to her for being able to eat more popcorn than they produce at the movie theater.

Badger Herald - Madison, WI

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