Monday, February 2, 2009

Things I Like

This is a brief list of things I like in no particular order, because I am unwilling to post a note about 25 things about myself on facebook. Also, I am procrastinating and waiting for Ronnie to call.
  • Blueberries
  • Playing video games
  • Eating popcorn at the Rathskellar after APO with friends
  • Lists
  • Knowing that no matter where my life takes me, I will be able to find happiness; I am optimist.
  • Writing, keeping a blog
  • Asti
  • Riding my bike - but not biking, because that implies vigorous exercise and sometimes I enjoy a leisurely ride.
  • Snuggling, and being close to Ronnie
  • Doing nerdy things
  • Wearing high heels and looking sexy
  • Yoga, as of recent
  • Chicken nuggets, though I am trying to not eat so many at once :/
  • Going to the Shell in the morning. It is a challenge going so often. I really hope that I can lose some of the weight I've put on since college since I don't feel like myself with this extra "love."
  • Reading just about anything - magazines (so long as they are not about celebrities), newspapers, online news, readings for class, and of course fiction. I have read non-fiction and enjoyed it, though my preference is historical fiction.
  • Laying outside in the sun
  • Working at JSM. The people there are amazing and I love what I do!
  • Swimming. Recreationally only, though.
  • Shopping for gifts for other people
  • Making things - I love building things, creating things, and designing things. I think that had a been better at calculus, engineering may have been the way to go.
  • Learning about anything and everything
  • Good surprises
  • Getting texts and being surprised by Ronnie - I love when he does unexpected things for me, and when he's spontaneous
  • Grammar, and those who can understand its quirks.

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