Thursday, March 12, 2009

Briefly...I should be writing a paper....

So I decided to take a break from researching so that I can write my paper for anthro 311 (archaeological chemistry). I will try to write fewer than ten words about each point of interest. Why? Because it sounds like a fun challenge, and if I'm taking a break, I should make it interesting.

  • I began reading The Kite Runner last night - wow.
  • I am slightly addicted to Survivor.
  • I am slightly disappointed by this season's Apprentice - booorrring.
  • My lab report is incomplete because I took poor notes.
  • My paper is not finished because I am still conducting research.
  • I am anxious to come home, but I love Madison.
  • I do not like all of the changes Facebook makes.
  • My shorter hair is hard to get used to.
  • The Palermo's pizza I ate for dinner was not delicious.

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