Thursday, March 26, 2009

Woot defines me

So today marks the start of my second-ever Woot-off. I have to admit that with all of the work I have to do, I am slightly less enthusiastic about impulsively spending my money on things I "need." Regardless, the HP touchscreen portable desktop (no, it's not a laptop) which is best described as "the giant mutant freak of iPhones" had a description that I feel fits me well:

"Are you like me? My home office isn’t an office at all. It’s just my favorite end of the couch in the common room, where the light’s good and the cushion’s broken in to fit my sittin’ parts."

Yeah. I like working in the living room. Is it because my room is messy? Probably. Is it because I never grew up with a desk in my room, have not once done homework in my room (with the exception of the dorms), and am really not used to it? Most likely. Thought I would share that.

I am in the midst of reading "High Noon" by Nora Roberts. An enthralling story, it has begun to wear on me. It is written in tiny font and has over 450 pages. If it were a movie, it would have to be divided into parts to get everything in. But, I guess, if it were a movie, most of the details would be left out anyway.

Today I posted showing notices with Cait (who came with to better learn the Mansion Hill area, despite not having to work today), and we stopped at Pinkus McBride Deli to get sodas. We were both excited to see that they offered a soda fountain, and I proceeded to fill my 32 oz. cup with Pepsi. Cait, however, went to get Mountain Dew and the fountain went crazy! None of the sodas worked! We thought that they might need to restock their carbonated water, and were surprised to learn that as a result of the city shutting of the water on that block, their machine would not function properly. I took this to mean that it must use tap water to mix with the soda syrup and create delicious fountain beverages. Trust me, Madison tap water will leave a film on anything, and I like to think that my stomach is ulcer-proof as a result of the protective coating of calcium it has established.

I think that when I graduate I would like to move somewhere warm. I love the southwest, and would love to live there (assuming I could find employment in such a location), but I still want to be near water. I love being able to ride my bike and go to the pretty, albeit stinky, lake. I guess what I'm saying is that I am tired of the cold.

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