Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unrealistic expectations

I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I have unrealistic expectations about what love is and how romance should be. The book I'm reading now has really changed how I perceive what is right and acceptable by the standards of a culture versus how one feels and behaves. Maybe I need to lighten up and be more casual when it comes to being with Ronnie. I've been so concerned that "other people" might look down on me, that I've completely overlooked the fact that no matter what happens outside our relationship, I really want to be with him right now. It's been difficult lately because I often become obsessed with titles and what our status on facebook appears to be, which I know is petty.

I look back and remember coming home for winter break and how wonderful it was. It was more carefree because neither of us had the time to invest and we both admitted it. I feel like we were constantly holding hands and sneaking kisses behind every corner. We felt much closer then and nothing has really changed since then, other than my worry over titles. It was a lot of fun and I was much happier then than I am now. I guess that I will try my best to stop worrying about how other people see us and concentrate more on us. I want to be with him. No one else.

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