Monday, March 9, 2009


Okay so I'm a little nervous, but I'm finally using ScribeFire, which I downloaded quite a while ago so that my blog would be amazing. I guess I'll just continue as normal...

I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed this week. I really shouldn't have gone home, but I did. I feel like Ronnie and I really needed to see each other, plus my mom was anxious to see me. This weekend is the start of Spring Break, so I guess I could have, and should have waited to go home. So it goes. Anyway, I have a huge research paper due (previously mentioned in an earlier post) and apparently the exam I thought was on Thursday got moved to tomorrow! Ah!

I also started receiving more information about the Athens trip! Katie and I will be roommates, which will be a relief. I don't mind rooming with someone random, but it's like a bonus getting to room with someone you know, and having shared a room with them before.

I'm still waiting for the official confirmation on Pylos. I don't know why I'm nervous about getting in, despite it being a first-come first-served program, but I am. I'm also nervous about coming up with the money for these trips. Without airfare I'm looking at about $8,000. Not to mention, I'll be paying rent in hopes that I'm able to come back in July and work for JSM (if there's work to be done). Fingers crossed!

Next year's housing situation is getting complicated [next year we are staying in the same apartment but two girls will be abroad in the fall and one might be gone in the spring]. For a brief time I considered moving in with Ashley, who lives next door and needs two more roommates, but I really can't afford $520/mo with just water included. With the plan I came up with for next year, I'll be paying $294/mo which is just fine with me, since I have to share a room. Trust me, next year might not be everything we hope it is since there were four of us last semester, three of us this semester, three and a sublettor next fall, and potentially five of us next spring, in a three bedroom apartment. We'll see...

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