Sunday, October 5, 2008

An incessant banging on the windows and doors

This weekend, the glass windows and doors outside of my apartment got quite a workout! On Friday night after Cait, Alex, and I left KHK (which is only a few houses down, thankfully!) we were awakened by Bri and Dani banging on the glass door of our apartment since all of their things were locked inside of our apartment (including their jackets). Cait let them in (I thought it was people across the sidewalk knocking on our neighbor's door). During the Badger game, some guys were tossing around a football and hit the bay windows three times before I went out and asked them to watch out for our windows! The cacophony that awoke Liz and I around 3 AM this morning was much more agitating last night than it is right now. A bunch of random guys and Ace came by looking to "party" and alerted us to this by banging on our windows and asking if we were in our rooms. Yes, yes we were. We were sleeping! So it goes.

I finally sat down and watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It was awesome! I absolutely loved it. I heard a rumor from a campus tour guide with a group near Van Hise that the elfish language used in the movie was created by people at UW. I've found no such evidence via a Google search, which is slightly disappointing. I kind of wish I knew how to speak it, and that there really were elves around, because I think I would be an elf. I'm decent at archery and woulndn't mind living 400 years! Anyway....during the movie, I heard them mention the Eldar, which immediately made me think of um...well...nerdy things. Don't tell, but I didn't watch the Badger game because I was too focused on whether or not Filbo would stick with the golem or Sam for the remainder of his voyage.

Today I sat down and created the Classics Society Blog. You should wait to check it out though, since I have little information to put on it.

Liz is watching me type this blog and thinks that it's getting long, so I'll stop here. More about the Pumpking Patch with Katie, Wyatt, and Finn later!

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