Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Latin = Love

By far my favorite class has to be Latin. I'm still enthusiastic about it (whereas with Greek I was starting to become overwhelmed at this point) even though I swear a quarter of my class is freshman who had Latin in high school. For our last homework assignment we had to either create a paragraph in Latin or translate something into it. I took a risk and translated the first lines of Moby Dick, though I did struggle with the first line the most ("Call me Ishmael."). I was worried I would get some comment on the top saying that I should have stuck to something easier, but I was delighted to find that only my first line had been edited, and the word "excellent!" was written in purple marker at the top. I wanted to prove to my TA that even though I didn't have high school Latin I still understand how it works and what's going on in class. And I feel like I did so successfully. Yay!

This week has seemed to drag by. I'm excited to go home and see the dogs and my family. I'm also excited to see Ronnie, but I don't know how excited he is to see me. Hopefully things will be fine. I don't know what else to say about seeing him other than I'm getting restless and wish I knew what our futures hold.

Like I mentioned earlier, we renewed our lease, meaning that we won't be moving out until August 14th, 2010. It also seems that our football-playing neighbors won't be leaving anytime soon either - they also renewed their lease. Those guys are really nice (and at least 33% of them are without a shirt 88% of the time) and enjoy videogames as well.

This article is ridiculous and about how UW tries to ensure that athletes will graduate on time: Wisconsin State Journal. It also lists entrance ACT scores for athletes and regular students: ridiculous.

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