Sunday, October 12, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Katie and I went to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend and had a wonderful time with Wyatt and Finn! We did everything possible at the farm, from watching the kiddie puppet show, walking through the "haunted" silo, petting and feeding the animals, to picking pumpkins and nearly getting left behind by the wagon that takes you out to the patch! It was so much fun that I would gladly do it again this year! I bought three gourds that are really cute and each one is unique. I also got four baby pumpkins (one for each of us!). It was really nice getting to see the kids, as well as just getting to hang out with Katie.

What are we doing next year? That's the big question we'll have to figure out this week. The stipulation: each of us wants our own room. Here are the things I would like to find in an apartment (since it's highly likely we'll have no choice but to move):
  1. Lots of windows/natural light. Last year I had no windows in my room at all!
  2. No lofts. They are terrible. End of story.
  3. An antenna jack in every room (or at least the living room and my room).
  4. Water/Hot water included, at the minimum. I'd really like to find an apartment with heat included, as well, though it is not a requirement.
  5. My own room.
  6. Furniture included.
  7. Near campus - not outside of this region: Bassett, Mound, and Breese St.
  8. Preferably not a house. The idea of a house is not a pleasant thought.
  9. Less than $520/mo for my room.
So for the first time ever, I've gotten an A on all of my exams! I've yet to get my Troy exam back, but I probably got a B or better. Hopefully. We'll see. I'm really happy and quite proud of myself.

I got the perfect Halloween costume last week! I'm debating putting up a picture since everyone who sees it won't be as excited. I MIGHT put up a picture later. Either way, it's really cute and classy. Pun intended.

Tomorrow is the training for leasing consultants! That means that I'm missing APO, but that's okay because I kind of needed a break from it anyway. I can only do so much for APO. Anyway, we get Milio's meals for free and we discuss what we do as leasing consultants. I'm excited to find out who's on my team although I'm quite sure Caitlyn will not be since my boss knows we're roommates. I'm really antsy to start the leasing season since it's so lucrative. It's also a blast and I know I'll enjoy meeting the newbies. We're so far ahead right now, actually, that we've been painting the hallways in Campus Village beige. Fun fun. Oh well, as long as I'm getting paid!

I don't want to talk about bed bugs ever again. Never. Ever. Ever. If we still have them, I should be getting bit. I have not been getting bit. We do not have bed bugs.

Today marks the two month anniversary of my separation from Ronnie. I wonder if he knows it's the 12th?

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