Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a lazy weekend

Although I did drink an entire bottle of delicious Korbel champagne on Friday resulting in hilarity, the rest of my weekend was much more low-key. April's party was fun, despite Liz's having to nurse Steph back to health. It was nice getting to catch up with Brad, Jon (my Muse friend), Dani, all the girls that live there, as well as Mitch and Dan. I don't think I want a huge extravaganza like that for my birthday. I think I'll probably have just a few close friends over, perhaps even dinner out, and then I'll hit the bars with Beth and whoever else is free Tuesday, December 9th. I'm just not into large parties, though it is nice to catch up with people you don't regularly see.

I'm really glad we're not moving. Have I mentioned that previously? I know I have, but I can't stress it enough. This week I am completely in charge of getting people to sign leases and direct them to sign up for us to set up an appointment (following the 15th, of course). I'm excited and feel priviledged having this much responsibility.

Scuba class is going well. I kind of skimmed chapter four, but I did just fine on the quiz for chapter three. Next time we meet, November 6th, we will finish our chapter four quiz and begin preparing for the final exam! Our closed water dives will be at McFarland High School in, obviously enough, McFarland, on Dec 6th. Our open water dive will be in May at Devil's Lake in Baraboo. I'm really excited, but sadden that scuba gear is so expensive. The masks at Fontana were over $70 each, and those were not so nice ones. Oh well. I plan on selling my snowboard this winter, so that will help offset that cost. I'm really lucky that Casi mentioned this to us leasing consultants because you only need to be certified once, and that certification is good for life! Her and her husband own Breezeway Bubbles.

I also went to the mall with Kimi yesterday. I ended up buying a shirt, a wallet, earrings, and a bracelet. Good stuff. Kimi ended up buying a lot. She definitly walked away successful.

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