Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scramble: a Reprieve from the Busiest Week Ever

I just finished an excellent game of Scramble (Boggle for Facebook) against Beth. I'm addicted for now, but I'm sure that as soon as I get busy, I will forgo this Facebook fun. For now, though, I love it.

This week is perhaps my most busy yet. Monday was work training for the new leasing consultants, Tuesday all of my Classics friends came over so that we could make the mountains for our float (yes, there will be pictures of our float). It was me, Andrea, Tony, Katie, and Ashley cutting out cardboard, gluing on cottony stuff, and painting on blackish brown lines to make it look like real mountain ranges. Even Cait helped out and made "Mt. Olympus" signs! It was really a team effort, and it only took us a few hours.

Anyway, this Wednesday I took all of my "tribe members" around for a tour of all of our properties at JSM. It went really well, but I remember getting the tour and being more than a little overwhelmed. I know they'll all be fine, but it is definitely a case of information overload during the first few days.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I have Scuba class from 6-9. Luckily we don't have a Classics Society meeting this week, or else I would have to go from class to work to Scuba, beginning at 9:55am.

And finally Friday, I work 9-5 probably painting the walls of Campus Village again since we are ahead of schedule (for once!). I'll be leaving at 3:30, however, in order to get my costume on for the parade! This means that I'll need to buy leggings (sigh) before Friday. Which means Thursday night. Which means tomorrow at 10pm. Afterward, we're all going over to Justin's for a Symposium - aka a gathering of people to philosophize and drink (in my case, champagne) until we are all tired and ready to go home. I'm guessing for me that this will be around 11pm. So it goes.

On Saturday night Katie, Cait, and I are volunteering at the Horror in the Dark at Olin Park. This happens to be the night of April's birthday party, so I don't know if we'll be able to make it until late.

Busy, busy, busy. I should study for my Latin quiz tomorrow instead of playing scramble. But I can't help it...I love word games.

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