Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three down, one to go!

I finally feel like I have enough time to write on here! I'm really happy that my exams have been going well. My archaeology exam was so basic, given that I've already taken two other archaeology classes (not through the archaeology dept) and I took Geography 170: Map Reading and Intro to GIS. We've talked a lot about GIS recently, so having that background knowledge certainly helped.

Biological Anthro didn't go as well as archaeology, but that's okay. I think I still got at least a B. But seriously, if I got less than an A on the archaeology exam I'll be upset. I rocked it.

Finally, my Archaeology of Troy exam seems to have gone better than I had originally believed it would. I don't know what to expect yet, but probably a grade that I will be at least ok with.

I need a backpack, badly. I went to Target yesterday and they had only Hannah Montana and Spiderman backpacks left. I'm considering just spending the $100 or so to get a nice North Face (gasp) backpack. It's one of the few purchases from the North Face that I wouldn't feel like a coastie making. I'm just having a hard time picking one out. Exciting!

I went over to Madison Property Management and secret shopped their new property, Grand Central. It was wayyy over the top. I mean, it's only $882 for your own room in a two bedroom apartment. And with the double occupany rate, it's only $590 to share a room in that same two bedroom. Sorry, but all of the coasties already live in Lucky. I did get a free beanie and two free shirts; they're really excited about this new property over at MPM. I would be too, if I had $1000 a month to use for rent and utilites (since only water is included). It's $1000 for an EFFICIENCY! Ridic, absolutely ridic.

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