Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bats, Ms. Frizzle??

Yes, Ralphie, bats! But where, you ask? How about in Memorial Library - that's where I was hit in the arm by a bat today around 12:32 pm. After showing my ID and getting in, I had only walked a few feet before the attack began. A lonely bat, scared and baby was flying around by the main area past the check-in. Of course, I was on my way to my own secret bat cave, so I walked briskly toward the elevator as it swooped down for a tasty bug. Needless to say, we collided and I screamed. Loudly. So loudly that it caused an even greater commotion. The creature of the night decided this was hilarious, so it continued to glide around the room and nearly crash into other students. Finally, the elevator announced that it was ready for me to get inside of it, and I left the chaos behind.

Earlier today, I had a question for one of my sexy professors (well, my only sexy professor this semester). So I approached the hunky stud with my query and found that he was particularly interested in a region that is not my face. At first I didn't mind because those old biddies in the class engage in mutual flirtation with him on a daily basis, and I know I'm hotter than them (as evidenced by this event). After I was given nearly a 10 minute explanation that was very drawn-out, his gaze returned to where it should have been from the beginning. That isn't to say that he didn't look me in the face throughout the explanation, because there were occasional glances. He did mention that he likes that I know Greek. So I left feeling awkward, but still a little bit turned on...

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