Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not everything online is true!

I'm so tired of seeing people quick to jump on the bandwagon before researching what is going on. So, in my boredom, I have decided to post those topics which seemed to generate the most controversy or support, despite being a hoax the whole time. Among my favorites are:

Bonsai Kittens
This site advertised kittens for sale which had been put into a container and made to grow into it. There was so much controversy that this site has been bounced around server to server, given all of the hate mail sent to each host. Basically, the site offered containers and supplies for "growing" bonsai kittens and explained the method. I remember it being really graphic, explaining that you needed to insert a tube into kitty's butt for waste removal while it was contained for months. You can see why animal rights advocates freaked out. Turns out MIT students created it and never harmed a kitten, never actually sold anything to anyone, and had facts on the site that were so false (like "the kitty's bones are soft so will grow into the shape of any container") that it was quickly identified as a hoax.

Bill Gates's Fortune up for Grabs
I thought this one was over a long time ago. Seriously, people? I understand that as a new generate grows up, they are susceptible to these kind of hoaxes. The facebook group "Bill Gates Sharing his Fortune. If you ignore this You will repent" now boasts 440,00+ members. Granted, a lot of them are saying it's a hoax. But they stay in the group! When it shows up on the news feed that "38 of your friends joined the group Bill Gates..." it makes it hard not to poke around and see what's going on. Of course, those who are naive do end up joining. I wonder if anyone else read the disclaimer:
The whole thing is that I have spiritual groups that people just pass by, but when you talk about money or talking down to god. people get fixated on it. I just wish that people had the same passion for all the wrong things, but for God instead.
People dont see GODS love anymore. AND IM NOT 19, IM 20 LOL, AND IM NOT A LAWYER, IM A BUSINESS MAN.
For the many people emailing me, because a lot of people do not understand why Im doing this. Its so much that I get out of this and many people that have joined this group also have gotten so much from this alone. I really cant explain what I get out of this, because the list goes on for miles
Once you get around the poor English, it turns out that this group was a double-hoax. The group was an experiment to see who would join and believe the Bill Gates thing was real, but it was also to get people talking about God. Plus, this guy sounds like he has a facebook fetish. Some people have wayyy to much time on their hands....(kind of like me right now)

Nasty Boobies

So by far this is the sickest thing yet. Basically, this hoax says that there is a parasite living in clothes that when you put a bra on, you risk getting a nasty infection that leads to a disgusting growth on your boobies. It apparently doesn't effect men in any way. Except for the South African parasite version. I remember seeing these pictures a few years ago and being grossed out. In fact, I'm not even including them on here because I don't want to look at nasty shriveled up boobs with creatures on them. But here's a link to the really gross ones if you're interested: Yuck. I don't know how old this hoax is, but I think by now everyone finally realized it's fake.

Maggot-Brained Guy
If you thought that picture above was gross, this one is worse. According to snopes, these pictures are real, but the story that accompanies them isn't. Here's the story: A guy gets an ingrown hair and it gets infected. Basically, they start eating his skull away. Another version says that a Japanese man ate too much sushi and so he got an infection in his brain. Either way, what's true is that the guy whose head is actually in these pictures had a rare form of cancer that starting eating away his scalp. He said it didn't bother him, so he didn't come in until he was in a car accident. Ridic. So people who enjoy sushi or get ingrown hairs freaked out because they thought they were going to get a brain infection and have their skulls melt away. Nice.

Point of this all: Investigate things before you decide to take a side. Before you stop eating sushi, or stop wearing your bra without washing it because the internet told you to, take a second. Think about it. Thanks.

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  1. Thank you Melissa, I am now thoroughly disgusted, thanks to those pictures. *Gag*