Sunday, April 20, 2008

Encounters of the Random Kind

I love it when I run into random people. Here's a list of everyone I ran into and how. God this is so much better than writing for the Herald. haha.

Around 1:30 pm: Left the Brothel with Liz who had Psi Chi induction. We both looked hott.

Around 2 pm: I met with Exec Board in the Beefeater's room. So, it wasn't random, but whatev. I saw Maggie, Loryn, Liz P, Justin, Maggie, Kelsi, and Megan. Good times.

Around 2:45 pm: I ran into Hilary and Rene as I walked down the street in a very short dress without shoes. Look at this guy with shoes! Fuck shoes!

Around 2:47 pm: Saw Raj. Sort of. I thought it was him, but didn't know for sure so I continued to walk past him until he said hi. We talked about APO. It was nice. I was still not wearing shoes.

Around 2:49 pm: Saw Carly biking by. Said hi, and managed to step into mud, shoeless.

Around 2:54 pm: Saw Liz walking home. Very nice. We walked home together so I didn't have to get my key out. Amazing.

Around 5:56 pm: Went over to Lauren's to work on MHR. While there, Amanda came over. She is Dana's roommate and I went to high school with her. Highly random.

Around 6:43 pm: Tricked Beth into going to Wendy's. Delicious. Muahahah! Came back, watched Princess with April and Liz (see below).

What a nice day.

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