Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coincidence - I think so

I have always been a big fan of because it has so much useful (and useless) information. I spent a few hours on it the other night because I'm lame and stayed home, and came across a story about a detective who wins the lottery and splits the money with his favorite waitress who helped him pick the numbers. Apparently this urban legend is true.

That same night, my boyfriend, who is cutie, a term which from now on refers to someone or something that is cute and lovable, told me about a movie he was watching called "It Could Happen to You." Ironically, this movie is about the EXACT SAME situation. Crazy.

I love when things like that happen. Like for instance, I woke up this morning with a strong urge to hurry up and get in the shower. Within two minutes, my roommate came home and immediately proceeded to take a shower. It's like my spidey sense was tingling. I somehow knew that if I wanted to shower before noon, I needed to get up right then and there. Obviously, I snoozed and lost.

It also just so happened that the other day Liz needed a plant thing to bring to her botany class. Coincidentally, my poor little Grow-a-Head has not been doing very well. I have done everything I can to keep it happy, but it is still mad at me. The grass is almost a whiteish-yellow now and the string in the jar has a yucky jelly substance growing on it. The whole thing looks moldy and will probably be thrown away unless I can make it look not-gross. Plus, I can always put a tea light in the jar below :)

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