Monday, April 21, 2008

Outlet Faces

Sitting in my business statistics discussion today, I couldn't help but notice an electrical outlet giving me quite an evil glare. And as I looked around the room I also found that there were outlets that looked emo and surprised as well.

This right one is one that looks slightly surprised. It kind of reminds me of a washing machine going round and round and round.

This left one looks like a cyborg. With guns in the middle. And a second cyborg ready to fire them.

These other of things aren't outlets, but I liked them anyway. The one on the left looks like a blockhead. The one on the right looks like a uterus, if you ask me.

It's always fun making things into faces with your mind. I am also a big fan of "what animal does he/she look like." A lot of people look like frogs to me. And a lot of people have hair that reminds me of horses.


  1. I can hear your surprised outlets in the washing machine going "Wooowooooo" as they spin around in my head.

  2. Oh & how ironic, the first entry of yours I decided to comment on was written on my birthday! :)