Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gnihton hcum ot yas

I enjoy doing weird things in my free time. I like to make sudokus during Business Stats and resolve them in Art History the next day. Fun for, here's a link to online sudokus. Enjoy!

I also like counting things. For example, from the window of my secret lair in Memorial Library I enjoy counting the windows visible on the east side of Science Hall, and categorizing them. (In case you're curious, there are 12 large gumdrop-shaped windows, 1 medium gumdrop-shaped window, 2 small skinny rectangular windows, 6 small squarish windows, 6 4-paned rectangular windows, and 8 6-paned rectangular windows). I also like counting all the spires I can see: today I counted 6, but I know one was hidden by the blinds. Next time you walk around, see how many green shirts you see. I saw 24. That's not very many. But it might be because everyone is wearing coats and not many coats are green.

Ever play mindmaze on Encarta? You should, if you own the software. If you don't, see me and maybe I'll let you play mine....maybe.

I also enjoy making up stories. And choosing my own adventure. Here's a sweet online one that I found - you get to be a character from the Odyssey. Yay for Classics!

And who doesn't love Sonic? I was able to find several links to this fabulous old school game. I hope you all play it, and then appreciate Sega again. It is amazing, and pwns super nintendo.

I'll add more to this once Beth and I get back from Rocky's. Meow!

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  1. I like to sit in class and count how many times teachers enact whatever quirk they have. Or if it's a really boring class, I tally mark the minutes.